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    We thank you for expressing your interest! Kindly fill in the form below, to know more about the opportunities in this burgeoning Ultra Luxury Imported Furniture and Home Decor sector. Leave your details with us and we’ll revert to you at the earliest possible! Urban Style has grown to be a hotspot of Ultra Luxury Imported Furniture & Lifestyle Luxury Interior Design. Urban Style is the rising star of this burgeoning sector and working in tandem with seasoned veterans of the Architectural and Interior Design vertical across India. Urban Style is lucky enough to have some of the top talents of the Architectural and Interior Design vertical on our team. However, we would also love to keep a lookout for other names on the rise in Capital City and neighbouring regions.

    At Urban Style, we strive hard to put together most exquisite, opulent and luxury home improvement products which are truly international in quality. Our concierge team have curated products like luxury furniture from India and overseas, export quality semi precious stones from India, chandeliers and wall lights from Spain, Belgium, Italy and our very own Firozabad in Agra. We source export quality rugs and carpets directly from Bhadohi, top handloom and home furnishing from Panipat. We offer the global best in the home automation space with Lithoss from Belgium, Hogar from USA and Berker from Germany.

    Urban Style clearly needs functional association with top-of-line best industry experts who can seamlessly manage the effective implementation of the products and solutions to attain customer delight at all levels. Our products come with a 3-10 years of warranty along with unwavering support and maintenance services. Some of our key associations are mentioned below for customer reference:

    Modular Kitchen Manufacturers

    Modular Kitchen in Gurgaon
    Modular Kitchen in Delhi
    Modular Kitchen in Noida
    Modular Kitchen in Faridabad
    Modular Kitchen in Ghaziabad
    Modular Kitchen in Rewari
    Modular Kitchen in Jaipur
    Modular Kitchen in Chandigarh
    Modular Kitchen in Ludhiana
    Modular Kitchen in Jalandhar

    Wardrobe Manufacturers

    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Gurgaon
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Delhi
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Noida
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Faridabad
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Ghaziabad
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Rewari
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Jaipur
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Chandigarh
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Ludhiana
    Wardrobe Manufacturers in Jalandhar

    Architects & Interior Designers

    Architects & Interior Designers in Gurgaon
    Architects & Interior Designers in Delhi
    Architects & Interior Designers in Noida
    Architects & Interior Designers in Faridabad
    Architects & Interior Designers in Ghaziabad
    Architects & Interior Designers in Rewari
    Architects & Interior Designers in Jaipur
    Architects & Interior Designers in Chandigarh
    Architects & Interior Designers in Ludhiana
    Architects & Interior Designers in Jalandhar

    Why an international furniture franchise is a great opportunity?

    Urban Style in association with Above & Beyond has an exclusive tie-up with over 20 world-class ultra luxury modern furniture manufacturers from Turkey to import, retail and distribute them PAN India. Our franchise allows you to turn your passion into a great business opportunity for yourself.

    We encourage people in the modern world to live a luxurious living. With the rapidly changing times the franchise owner will have the privilege to deliver a unique shopping experience  that will pride them for a phenomenal customer experience.

    Join us today and start your own franchise of luxury furniture, a sector which is witnessing tremendous growth in the burgeoning Indian economy!

    Every entrepreneur desires best possible return on investment! Our business partnership will offer unrivaled opportunities to franchises. Our partners can kick-start their business from day one and get maximum returns on the investment. We offer proven business model with zero transportation cost of goods to the store, over 10,000 luxury catalogues for selection, successful proof of concept available for case study, unparalleled and unrivaled luxury product portfolio and nationwide product price parity.

    Aspiring entrepreneurs mostly struggle in the initial stages of business. Our association will successfully pave new opportunities for the partner and we’ll kid-glove them into this multi billion dollar growing business. Partners will get high-level technical support including staff recruitment, training & development, professional hand holding and product training.

    Our partners will get extensive sales & operational support from the brand starting from initial hand-holding to their expertise level.

    What is the Investment?

    The initial investment or the start-up cost to open an Above & Beyond Studio may differ from market to market due to varying cost of real estate.  The overall investment may range from $35,000 to $65,000 (approx. INR 25 lakhs to 50 Lakhs). Unlike most franchise business, we collect NO royalties.  You may fill in the above contact form for more information.

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