Beautimous Lounge Drawings

    DBTA International Pte. Ltd. from Singapore has designed numerous luxury lounges across the length and breadth of Asia and Europe. The design element signifies the beauty of  life, sustainable green environment and oozes positive energy. In a nutshell the design elements symbolizes people’s belief of prosperity.

    DBTA International has successfully executed many milestone projects which are designed to live through the ages. Every design is distinct but the pursuit of aesthetics and function remains constant in every DBTA project whether internationally or locally.

    Arthur’s Bar & Grill

    Shangrila Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    The development theme is based on Manhattan Bar & Grill. It has masculine look, bricks, wood and leather upholstered furniture and showcases a visual center piece at the entrance of the venue.

    Maetomo Restaurant & Bar

    Sheraton Towers, Singapore
    This is a Japanese restaurant which offers a different experience in Japanese dining. Boasting of three private dining rooms including a traditional tatami room, a classical bar and a sushi dining area.

    Zinc Club, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai

    Come and experience the luxuries at Crowne Plaza, Hotel, Dubai. During your visit to Dubai, Crowne Plaza wishes to host you as a privileged guest. The Zinc Club at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dubai is designed by DBTA International Singapore.

    Sumibiya, InterContinental, Marina, Dubai

    Nestled in the heart of Dubai Marina with unparalleled views across the waterfront, the InterContinental Dubai Marina is the place to experience the exquisite hospitality of Dubai. Sumibiya is designed by DBTA International.

    Bar Lounge
    Cafe Bar Lounge
    Luxury Cafe Bar Lounge
    Cafe Bar Lounge 2.0
    Cafe Bar Lounge 2.1

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