Hogar Controls offer complete solutions for smart homes and buildings

    Hogar Controls, Advanced Wireless Smart Home System. Wall Pad, Home Controller Mini, Hotel Box to Fit Small, Medium, Large to Extreme Large Smart Homes and Offices. Hogar Controls From USA offers Plug & Play Solution that is Flexible & Scalable. Intelligent Automation Solution from One Room to Any Size of Installation.

    Hogar makes tailor-made products and provides smart home solutions depending on the use case and the requirements of the customer. Hogar Controls Prima+, a one-of-a-kind touch smart switch that combines the functionalities of six smart touch switch, one light dimmer, one motion sensor, and one fan controller into a single interface. Hogar’s smart home automation solutions give you the power to personalize your home. Most of the surveys state that people never change their password unless they are prompted. It is recommended to change the password once in every two months for maintaining better security of the smart home devices.

    Hogar Controls USA Intelligent Reliable Scalable

    From lights to thermostats, configure all your smart devices with HC Mini and experience a seamless control of connected homes. Experience the magic of Smart Home with Hogar’s smart devices and home automation consultation services. Hogar HC Mini has the most powerful features that automate connected devices and provides a comprehensive smart home operation. Predefining a set of devices to combine and control simultaneously. For instance, turning on the lights, sound, screen, and shades with just a single touch. Don’t just organize your home neatly, make it work in your harmony. It brings a personalized home experience with dedicated compassion, safety, and convenience. Reinvent the enriching smart home experience with our elegant and innovative, Prima+, the ultimate multi-touch interface.

    Hogar Controls from USA is a complete smart home automation app that can be used along with any of our controllers to control your whole home. It brings total control of your smart devices to your finger tips using the most simple and beautiful interface. Hogar Controls is a global home automation company that offers a wide range of smart home devices.

    Hogar Controls USA has their State-of-Art Manufacturing and R&D Unit in Hyderabad

    Hogar Controls, the home automation company from USA is looking to expand its operations in India with an investment of INR 100 Cr in a new facility in Hyderabad, India. This smart intelligent home automation company was founded in Virginia, US, in 2015. Hogar Controls has set up a wholly-owned Indian subsidiary, Hogar India, through which it will manufacture and market its home and building automation products. Vishnu Reddy, CEO, Hogar Controls, said, “The gradual growth and acceptance of technology, new product designs and availability of uninterrupted Internet and power services present a huge opportunity for IoT and automated products in the country, thereby, significantly benefiting the consumer.” With the additional investments in manufacturing and R&D, we are looking to clock revenues of over 30 crore in 2020 in India alone,” he said.

    The 10,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and R&D unit is fully automated, with electronic manufacturing equipment and an annual production capacity of more than 6,00,000 units. All 11 products launched and available under Hogar’s home automation series, Smart, Touch, Enviro and Security, will be manufactured at the facility, which will serve as a hub for Hogar’s growth and expansion across India as well as other Asian countries, the US, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia over the next three years.



    • Easy to install. No wiring when use the Hogar Control wireless technology.
    • Convenient to use. Interactive design and user-friendly platform.
    • Secure Cloud. Scalable and reliable smart home cloud platform.
    • Compatibility. Hogar seamlessly links with smart devices of multi-brands.
    • Negligible Power Consumption. Hogar Controls is a stable platform with minimum electricity consumption
    Hogar Control Switch

    Hogar switches and products are designed with the latest technology and these modern products are meant to be fast and reliable, non-disruptive and allow easy installation. Powered by the Z-Wave smart home wireless protocol and multiple connectivity options, Hogar home automation products provide you with remote access from remote locations globally. All these modern smart home devices come with retro-fit as well as custom fit options based on customer requirement which will suite installation in old as well as modern houses.

    Hogar Controls & Systems offers simplified controller mechanism that features simple programming to control the entire smart home through touch, HC Mini only supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Hogar Controls & Systems offer smart series which is one stop solution to complete automation needs with a midas touch.

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