Grow Your Own Business with Urban Style

    Growing your Interior Designing Business is an exciting process but can get Stressful and Challenging. Concept Development, Mood Board Presentations, 3D Rendered Drawings, Customer Approval, Interior Project Execution, Quality Checks, Vendor Development & Coordination, Keeping Pace with New Interior Substrates, Innovative Designs are some of the most critical aspects of the Interior Business today.

    The current market uncertainties due to the global pandemic of Covid-19 has impacted the Interior Design Business to great extent. You can join the rapidly growing network of Interior Designers, Architects and Project Consultants at Urban Style and explore new Business Opportunities without any Investment. You may have high expectations from your business. However, blind optimism may result into investment of too much money too quickly.

    Grow Your Own Business with Urban Style

    Grow Your Own Business with Urban Style
    Grow Your Own Business with Urban Style




    Over 100 Interior Designers and Independent Business Owners work together

    Free access to latest technology and innovative substrates at best prices

    High business volumes are built with great price benefits

    Consolidated operational support with dedicated quality checks

    Quick turnaround of projects and cost overruns are controlled

    Design team members are able to focus more on new project closures

    Urban Style design team network continues to expand every month in new cities

    We raise the bar with quick turnaround solutions with access to experts to answer any inquiries

    Urban Style maintains operational efficiency and strives for excellence in customer service

    Complete marketing & operational support at zero investment

    Design team members can expand their capabilities to handle projects efficiently

    Design team members can expand their business without having to worry about branding, marketing and sales challenges

    Global Sourcing Points

    Global Sourcing Points
    Access Our Global Sourcing Points

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