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    This list of top Architects and Interior Designers from UK is compiled by Emma Love and published in a popular UK design magazine Country & Town House. We strive hard to bring to you the latest development world over in the field of design and creativity. We have made an attempt to consolidate a list of the best UK-based creatives at your fingertips, whether you want to restore a Roman palazzo, redesign an avant-garde apartment, develop your newly acquired farm house, to commission bespoke cabinetry or a latest home theater system.  

    Lead Designer: Beata Heuman
    BIID Registered Interior Designer®
    Beata Heuman Ltd
    First Floor, 6 Glenthorne Mews
    London W6 0LJ
    Tel: +44 208 741 0102

    Architect Ben Pentreath
    Author English Decoration
    3 Lamp Office Court
    Lambs Conduit Street
    London WC1N 3NF
    Tel: +44 207 430 2424

    Shayne Brady & Emily Williams
    Commercial & Residential Designs
    Brady Williams Studio
    111-113 Great Portland Street
    London   W1W 6QQ
    Tel: +44 207 580 0154

    Design Specialist Beata Heuman
    Senior Design Specialist Ben Pentreath
    Brady Williams Studio

    Anthony Collett & Andrzej Zarzycki
    Ultra Luxury Interiors
    Collett Zarzycki
    Fernhead Studios, 2B Fernhead Road
    London, W9 3ET
    Tel: +44 208 969 6967

    David Collins Studio
    Author English Decoration
    The Studio
    74 Farm Lane
    London, SW6 1QA
    Tel: +44 207 835 5000

    Douglas Mackie
    Luxury Residence Designer
    Douglas Mackie Design
    123 -125 Gloucester Place
    London  W1U 6JZ
    Tel: +44 207 580 0154

    4. Collett-Zarzycki
    5. David Collins Studio
    6. Douglas Mackie

    Audrey Carden & Eleanora Cunietti
    BIID Registered Interior Designers®
    Carden Cunietti Ltd
    Unit 3a, The Linen House,
    253 Kilburn Lane, Queen’s Park,
    London W10 4BQ
    Tel: +44 207 724 9679

    Interior Designer Noor Charchafchi
    Ultra Luxury Design Specialist
    Celine Interior Design Ltd
    Unit A 27, Jasmine House
    Juniper Drive, Battersea Reach
    London SW18 1GJ
    Tel: +44 208 032 2911

    Fiona Barratt Interiors
    Luxury Lifestyle Interiors
    The Studio
    12 Francis Street
    London SW1P 1QN
    Tel: +44 203 262 0320

    7. Carden Cunietti
    8. Celine Interior Design
    9. Fiona Barratt Interiors

    Chester Jones
    Interior Design & Decoration
    Worlds End Studios Ltd
    132-134 Lots Road,
    London SW10 0RJ, UK
    Tel: +44 207 498 2717

    Fran Hickman
    Ultra Luxury Interior Specialist
    Fran Hickman Studio Limited
    34 Clifton Road
    London NW10 4RB
    Tel: +44 203 950 0771

    Nicola Harding & Co
    Luxury Design & Decoration
    The Workshop
    1a, Stronsa Road
    London W12 9LB, UK
    Tel: +44 208 743 6690

    10. Chester Jones
    11. Fran Hickman
    12. Nicola Harding & Co

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