Berker Switches

    Berker Switches & Systems by Hager Group are in use all over the world. These Home Automation Switches & Systems are seamlessly making life more beautiful, easier and more comfortable. Berker Switches by Hager Systems place utmost emphasis on quality, design and product innovation. Berker Switches by Hager Systems has won several awards for product innovation and designs.

    Berker is a leading supplier of high-quality electrical installations from timelessly classic switch design through to intelligent building management systems. All new developments are created with just one thing in mind: the satisfaction of our customers. After all, we want you to feel at home with our products for decades to come.


    Sustainability is therefore the key to our long-term success

    Although maximum sustainability is inherent in everything we do, we have summarized particularly sustainable activities in our E3 approach, which is divided into the following three areas:

    E as Ethics : ethical principles determine the way in which we operate towards our customers, colleagues and society as a whole. We engage in a continuous dialogue with the main stakeholders.

    E as Environment : we carefully manage resources, avoid the use of harmful substances and do our best to reduce our environmental impact.

    E as Energy : we contribute to a more ecological use of energy by developing products that use energy more efficiently, processes that allow us to save resources and provide pioneering solutions.


    Welcome To The World Of Berker

    In this online Berker catalogue, visitors will find latest product information which  offers relevant usage techniques and a wealth of additional information like:

    • Comprehensive technical and product information
    • Software and documentation
    • Catalogue pages
    • Brochures
    • Product user manuals

    This Berker product catalogue is intended as user manual documentation for users. This online publication is intended to provide appropriate information for general use and it is in no way can be considered as a legally binding offer.

    All items in this online catalogue are subject to CE regulations. There is CE mark on each product package and on the product.

    We’re here to support our customers, please feel free to fill in the following form and we’ll revert at the earliest possible!


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