3D Rendered Drawings

    3D Rendering & Design Process

    Urban Style Design Services has an in-house team of specialists of 3D Rendering and Architectural Images. Preparing for the 3D Rendering is the very beginning of the entire design conceptualization process. The following methodology attempts to describe the 3D rendering process. The entire process is integrated to look one and it moves seamlessly. For the ease of understanding the process is broken into steps. However, this is not a diktat and designers may have distinct approach to arrive at the same solution.

    Step 1: Customer requirements

    In concept, 3D rendering is similar to photography. In order to build a model, a 3D artist needs to understand the project. Digital lighting is important to create a detailed and realistic render. A 3D artist starts by visualizing the project in his or her head.

    Step 2: 3D Modelling

    The 3D artist uses highly specialized 3D modelling software to create a digital model. The final product will invariably help the customer to successfully visualize the concept into a realty.

    Independent Luxury Villa at Shimla

    Step 3: Client approval

    Feedback system is very crucial in the entire process to remain relevant to the client brief. Generally the feedbacks are collated in a low-resolution format to quicken up revision process.

    Step 4: Final delivery

    Once the feedback is incorporated into the 3D rendering the final solution is executed for final delivery. Depending upon the agreed resolution the final images are optimized for client delivery.

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